THE BRONX - The New York Yankees won't name a new captain to replace Derek Jeter this season, but News 12 is taking a closer look at the players who could lead the pinstripes next. 

Derek Jeter spent 20 seasons in the Bronx, but he didn't become captain right way. In fact, it wasn't until 2003 that he assumed the role, which he held for the last 12 years. His retirement after last season now leaves a void in the clubhouse. 

Didi Gregorius takes Jeter's spot on the field as shortstop, but he's only 25 years old and has yet to play a full season. Then there's Mark Teixeira, who is 34 years old and starting his seventh season with the Yankees, but injuries have limited his time on the field the last three seasons. 

Alex Rodriguez is another big name, but his reputation has taken a hit after sitting out a full year due to suspension. The 39-year-old seems to have enough on his plate without being asked to lead the team. 

The next longest tenured Yankee is 31-year-old Brett Gardner. He just signed a long-term deal with the club and has improved each of his eight seasons as a Bronx Bomber. 

One more choice is 31-year-old Brian McCann, who has more MLB experience than Gardner, but is only going into his second year with Yankees.