EAST NEW YORK - A traffic stop turned into a police chase Wednesday that ended with injuries and several parked cars being smashed on an East New York street.

Police say they were trying to stop a man around 2:30 a.m. for driving without headlights, but he sped off. According to police, Albert Caban, 28, crashed into more than 10 cars along Miller Avenue. Authorities say the patrol vehicle only damaged one parked car.

Caban was arrested and charged with DWI and marijuana possession.

Authorities say two officers and a third person riding in the patrol car were transported to Jamaica Hospital for injuries received when the two vehicles collided, ending the chase at Belmont Avenue.

Residents are in shock over their damaged vehicles. "I have no transportation. No nothing ? really left me on empty," says Milagros Vidal-Luna. Her car ended up on its side.

The city says if a civilian's vehicle is ever damaged by a city vehicle, the civilian must file a complaint with the comptroller's office to be reimbursed.