WILLIAMSBURG - Members of the local community board in Williamsburg are calling on a cab company whose cars have been involved in numerous accidents in the area to step up safety measures, or hit the road.

The demands come after the latest accident involving a bicyclist who was struck Tuesday by a livery cab at the intersection of Kent Avenue and North 7th Street.

According to eyewitnesses, the cab, which was heading south, took a quick turn on North 7th Street and slammed into the northbound cyclist, sending him flying off the bike and breaking his collarbone and elbow.

The taxi sped off from the scene of the accident, but a bystander managed to write down its license plate number.

According to Teresa Toro, chairperson of the transportation committee of Community Board 1, the cab that was involved in the collision belongs to the Northside Car Service.

"I hate to seem anti-business in any way, but we don't need them here if they're going to be a bad neighbor," Toro says.

Toro adds that in the past she received many complaints about the car service?s taxis speeding and running lights and stop signs.

The community board plans to address the concerns with the Taxi and Limousine Commission. But before any steps can be taken against the car service, Toro says the commission is asking the board to offer a letter of opposition.