WILLIAMSBURG - A couple on Keep Street found a unique way to avoid the high cost of real estate by building their 1,600-square-foot space out of shipping containers.

David Boyle and Michelle Bertomen planned to build a brick house on their land back in 2008, but construction costs of about $500,000 got them to think creatively. They picked up six shipping containers for $1,500 each and set out to construct their home.

Their concept hit a roadblock in 2009 when a stop-work order was issued by the city's Department of Buildings, but the couple was able to finish the project by 2012 and have been living in the home ever since.

The project cost $400,000 start to finish, and the couple says it's the only home in the city made entirely of shipping containers.

They hope to eventually run a non-profit group on the premises that aims to improve quality of life issues in Williamsburg.