GRAND ARMY PLAZA - Brooklyn residents were expecting a day filled with snow, but instead they were hit with a mix of sleet, rain and hail.

Some residents said they were shocked when they saw rain instead of snow, but others prefer it that way. One local said he prefers rain because there?s no shoveling involved.

"I pray it rains like nobody's business, because I don't have to shovel rain," Joe Mullane, who works at Harry Boland Pub, said.

There were 360 salt spreaders ready to go out on the streets at a moment?s notice, but they were left without work when freezing rain came instead of snow. The rain mixed with a small amount of snow that fell earlier, forcing storeowners and residents to salt their sidewalks and shovel walkways.

Because of the weather, the city has suspended alternate side parking rules to help remove any leftover snow. However, residents will still have to pay parking meters.

Another storm is on the way this weekend, and the city is preparing. City officials said they will keep trucks on the road for the next few days to help when the winter weather strikes again.

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