BROOKLYN - A man was hospitalized after an apartment fire this morning in Red Hook.

Fire officials say the two-alarm blaze began just before 7 a.m. at the Red Hook East Houses on Bush Street.

Idalia Quinones, who lives in a fourth-floor apartment, tells News 12 that she and her five family members woke up to find their home full of smoke. She believes a circuit breaker inside their kitchen is what started the blaze.

One resident adds that while most walked away with bumps and bruises, if anything, an upstairs neighbor didn't fare as well.

"The guy panicked. He was hanging from, I think, a sheet. His mother was holding the sheet. She couldn't hold it no more and [he] jumped off," the resident said.

The unidentified man fell four stories, onto a scaffolding. Neighbors say he was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where he remains in serious condition.