BROOKLYN - A woman was struck and critically injured by an alleged hit-and-run driver Thursday as she tried to cross the street.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Neptune Avenue. The pedestrian, whose name is being withheld, was hit by one car and sent flying into another vehicle.

The driver of the car that allegedly hit the woman immediately sped away, but was caught a few blocks from the site. The driver was taken into custody for questioning.

Residents in the neighborhood said the intersection is dangerous for pedestrians. Resident Noreen Nicoletti said that she has written Mayor Michael Bloomberg several times for a solution.?We need speed bumps over here and police 24-7, especially in the morning because they come careening around the corner like maniacs and people are getting hit and killed,? said Nicoletti.

The woman was brought to Lutheran Medical Center and is being treated for head trauma. She is listed in critical condition.