WILLIAMSBURG - A Brooklyn resident has transformed her home into a mystical forest.

Summer Rayne transformed her home into an oasis six years ago after her roommate moved out.

"When she moved out, it took me a while to recognize the place was really mine now, and I could do what I really wanted,” said Rayne.

Rayne has over 100 different kinds of species and every room is constructed differently.

Rayne has created her own eco-friendly system for growing veggies including bananas, assorted herbs and exotic plants.

She said it makes her feel relaxed and far from the city life.

"I grew up in Pennsylvania in a really beautiful area. Part of it is feeling displaced, you feel you're away from home, and this gives me peace,” said Rayne.

Rayne also works in the world of sustainable food systems, focusing on how everything people eat is grown and raised. She is also writing a book to help other cleanse themselves from sugar.