BROOKLYN - Thousands of women will finally get medical records after waiting more than a year after a clinic?s closure, officials said Wednesday.

Bay Imaging radiology abruptly closed its three Brooklyn locations in August 2006 without notifying patients. Vital records remained inaccessible.

"The reason I was so concerned was because I've already had breast cancer," said former patient Felicia Mattera. "I'm very concerned about comparing the new mammograms with the old."

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo stepped in and a judge eventually forced owner Dr. Ruben Fleurentin to release the files. He's been stripped of his license to practice medicine and is currently incarcerated.

New Jersey-based Nova Records Management is distributing the 60,000 films and X-rays to patients.

Councilman Vincent Gentile pushed for the release of records. State Sen. Martin Golden confirms the Senate is now considering legislation that would require facilities to release medical records within 30 days of closing.

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