CONEY ISLAND - Many women own dresses that they know they likely won't wear again. A group has a solution, allowing those dresses to see the light of day more than once.

Donning wedding gowns and prom dresses, women went on a scavenger hunt around Coney Island Sunday. Some tasks included "find something sweet" and "take a picture with a lifeguard."

Randi Seltzer is the founder of "Trashed in the Dress," and she believes that these events are fun and economical.

"I don't think that the designers necessarily planned for me to be wearing this the way that I'm wearing," she said of her dress. "But it's mine and it's beautiful, and you know I've worn it about 20 times at this point."

A participant agreed. "This prom dress was one-of-a-kind," said Kelly O'Dowd, who wore a bright yellow dress.

Trashed in the Dress holds events in Red Hook, Williamsburg and Sunset Park.