BROOKLYN - Residents may soon have to shell out more cash for their morning cup of coffee thanks to a fungus that's wreaking havoc on some crops and causing the price to go up.

The fungus, aptly called "coffee rust," has caused more than $1 billion in damages across Latin America. Experts say the fungus is especially deadly to Arabica coffee, which makes up most high-end brands. The U.S. government is stepping in to help farmers keep their crops and kill the fungus, but prices may still increase.

Some residents say they already spend as much as $5 for a good cup of coffee, so paying a little more wont be a huge deal to keep their day on the right track.

One person told News 12 that they put a $4.50 limit on their coffee, and they'll only pay that much if it's organic and contains no chemicals.

Meanwhile, other neighbors say they would give up their coffee entirely if they have to pay more than they do now.