SHEEPSHEAD BAY - Many residents may be interested to know that a weightlifting "heavyweight" lives right in Brooklyn.

Marvin Eder, a longtime weightlifter and Brooklyn resident, says he holds at least a dozen world records that have never been broken. Of course, he wouldn't have set any of those records recently.

The 76-year-old Eder says he developed a passion for weightlifting when he was 14, and was once considered one of the greats in the sport. In his first year of bodybuilding, Eder placed second in the Amateur Athletic Union's Mr. America Junior Division.

Eder insists he developed his physique the natural way, without the aid of steroids. He also denounces others who use performance-enhancing drugs.

"I think it's absolutely immoral and unprincipled," says Eder. "The only way an athlete should build themselves up is through hard and rigorous weightlifting."

Eder still works out, saying he does 300 crunches a day.