BROOKLYN - After being wrongfully imprisoned for 21 years, Anthony Yarbough and Sharif Wilson are being set free.

A hearing for the two at Brooklyn's Supreme Court Thursday lasted only 10 minutes. The men then had their convictions vacated thanks to the discovery of new DNA evidence.

Yarbough and Wilson were convicted in the murder of Yarbough's mother, sister and sister's friend in 1992. But the DNA taken from Yarbough's mother, Anne, matched DNA taken at the scene of a different murder in 1999.

"I'm just overwhelmed right now I'm so grateful," said Yarbough upon his release. Wilson echoed the sentiment saying that he was speechless.

With the discovery of the new evidence, attorneys for both men moved to vacate their convictions and the DA's office agreed to drop the case.

The DNA at the center of the case was never matched to a new suspect.