BROOKLYN - Xavier High School's self-described "varsity chorus" is heading to Washington D.C. Saturday to perform at the White House.

A group of 20 male singers from the school will perform in the nation's capital as guests of President Bush at the White House's holiday party. The students were selected from a pool of about 80 singers who tried out.

"We're all very excited about it," says Robert Randazzo, one of the participating students. "It feels great to have music actually take you somewhere."

School officials say the trip is part of a program dedicated to expanding students' horizons. Students credit Music Director Joe Loposky with helping them fulfill their potential.

"All you really need is dedication, hard work and Mr. Loposky helps us out a lot," says student Joe Lauro. "He's the one who really pushes us and gives us extra effort."

Loposky accompanied another Xavier group to a similar White House performance in 2001. The school is currently planning a trip to perform in Japan next year.