NEW YORK - (AP) - Andy Pettitte announced his retirement at YankeeStadium, saying he no longer has the "hunger" to pitch anotherseason.

With wife Laura sitting at his side, Pettitte said Friday he hadconflicting feelings about leaving the game. He said "it was aneasy decision, but it wasn't an easy decision." As recently as twoweeks ago, he thought he would return for another season.

The 38-year-old left-hander said at a news conference that hisbody was in shape to pitch but "my heart's not where it needs tobe."

"It just didn't feel right for me anymore," he said. "Ididn't have the hunger, the drive I felt like I needed."

Pettitte is a five-time World Series champion who finished240-138 with a 3.88 ERA in 16 major league seasons, 13 of them withthe Yankees. He set a major league record for postseason wins,going 19-10 with a 3.83 ERA.

Pettitte said he was pretty sure after the Yankees' last playoffgame in October that he would retire, but Laura persuaded him notto make a decision until he was sure. She said he made up his mindlast weekend, while driving home to Deer Park, Texas, from theirranch.

"I'm done," she remembered him saying.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi watched from a front-row seat.Former Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams entered about 20minutes in and took a second-row seat.

"Always strolling in a little late," Pettitte said with asmile.

Pettitte won't disappear from public view entirely. He isexpected to be a witness this summer at the trial of formerteammate Roger Clemens, indicted on charges he lied to acongressional committee when he denied using performance-enhancingdrugs.

"That has not had any affect, I mean zero, in my decision,"Pettitte said. "It's had no impact in my life."

Pettitte admitted using human growth hormone and said Clemenstold him he had used HGH. Clemens testified Pettitte didn'tremember the conversation correctly.