BROOKLYN - Young people from around New York City rallied at Borough Hall Wednesday to demand that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams stop pushing gentrification.

Demonstrators say they are being pushed out of the neighborhoods where they grew up, and they're calling on Adams to preserve their communities instead of trying to diversify their neighborhoods.

They complain that Adams supports diversifying neighborhoods by "up zoning" communities of color.

The group says the borough president is pushing diversity by his support in rezoning certain areas - like East New York and Brownsville - so developers can build expensive high-rise developments. They say this will eventually lead to unaffordable communities.

Supporters of Adams say that many of the rezoning plan's developments were in place before his time, and that Adams is a supporter of affordable housing.

The communications director for Adams said in a statement, "Brooklyn is home to everyone from everywhere. Any call that attacks diversity in a borough where almost half of our residents speak a language other than English at home is unfortunate at best and racist at worst. To preserve and expand affordable housing, we need to be united as one Brooklyn."