EAST NEW YORK - Parents and basketball players are outraged after a coach allegedly pocketed thousands of dollars from a youth basketball team.

Team 12 had been practicing every week at Linden Park in the hopes of making it to the national playoffs in Las Vegas. The players earned that opportunity, but they may no longer be able to attend because their coach allegedly stole the money for their trip.

The team had collected $30,000, but the coach disappeared Saturday. Team members called his phone and went to his home, but neighbors said he had moved. When News 12 tried to reach the coach, his last known number had been disconnected and there was no answer at the door.

Assistant coach Dimitri Jones says the young players are upset, at times expressing their disbelief through tears.

"I was really sad because I really wanted to go and get the experience," says basketball player Terrence Roberts.

The Amateur Athletic Union, which the team plays under, hasn't yet responded to calls for comment. Parents and players plan to work with police.