BROOKLYN - According to a new report, homicide numbers are down a significant amount across the city.

The New York City Police Department reported 414 murders through Christmas Eve this year, last year at the same time there was 508 murders.

In Brooklyn, there was almost a 25 percent drop in homicides with 149 murders this year, compared to 197 last year.

In the communities that saw a rash of shootings over the summer, including East New York and Brownsville, the murder rate has been trending down all year.

In the 73rd Precinct, homicides are down 42 percent from 26 murders last year to 15 this year. While the 75th Precinct also saw a large drop of 39 percent with 28 murders last year and 17 this year.

Officials say the numbers are proof that Stop and Frisk is working despite the fact that some city council members have called for an end to the program that they say unfairly targets blacks and Hispanics.

The number of murders citywide is the lowest the police department has seen since they started keeping records almost 50 years ago.