SUNSET PARK - Waiting lists for kindergarten have dropped by half in the city, according to a new report.

The New York Times reports more than 67,000 children have applied for kindergarten programs for the coming school year but thanks to a new strategy the education department is using to match students with schools, the number of kids stuck on a list has gone down.

That strategy, they say, is a new application system. For the first time, this year families submitted one application to the education department where they could list as many as 20 choices. In previous years, parents had to apply to each school individually.

Of the more than 60,000 children who applied, the New York Times reports a large percentage received their top choice school, with 18 percent getting offered seats at one of their other selections and 11 percent not receiving admission to any of their preferred schools.

The city tells the New York Times it is now working to accommodate the 11 percent of students, saying that the problem was most of those students listed only one school on their application.