BROOKLYN - Family members and school officials now confirm that 8-year-old Kamyah John was not left behind at Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, despite confusion from family that she had been.

Relatives of Kamyah say she is safe and sound, and that she got separated from her Arista Prep School classmates during a trip to the amusement park yesterday. School officials say they were doing a head count on the buses before leaving and realized that Kamyah was not there.

They say they immediately began searching for her and even started the paperwork for the park to report her missing. Kamyah apparently made her way to the lost and found area and called her parents in a panic telling them she thought she'd been left behind.

Kamyah's mom sent a relative who lives in Pennsylvania to pick the child up. School officials say they were reconnected with the third-grader and then waited with her until her aunt arrived to pick her up.

School officials say the buses didn't leave until Kamyah was with her relative. Family members tell News 12 that Kamyah is OK, and spent the night in Pennsylvania but is coming back today.