Brooklyn van brings feminine health care to communities in need
A mobile unit in Brooklyn is bringing feminine products, contraceptives, and mental health resources to communities in need.  
The Sistas Van has thrived for the past five years, healing dozens across different communities. They’ve been able to keep it going thanks to support from the Black Women’s Blueprint, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that created the Sistas Van.  
"There's people who are walking in the street who need water who need services who need to be looked in the eye and say you are important and you matter,”said Dailisha Rodriguez, co-board chair of the Black Women’s Blueprint.  
The Sistas Van helps to provide resources to those who have experienced sexual assault or trauma, are in need of mental health services, and overall health resources.  
The van is parked on the corner of Empire Boulevard and Flatbush Avenue at least once per week, and provide weekly programs in different locations across Brooklyn. 

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