Clouds and fog clear overnight in NYC; sunshine Thursday

NOW: Fog continues to dissipate overnight as temperatures rise for Thursday. 
NEXT: Sunny, breezy and mild conditions for Thursday and Friday.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Darryl Green says foggy and cloudy conditions will clear up overnight, as Thursday will be the pick of the week with sunshine and pleasant conditions.
Tonight: A cool night under a clearing sky, lows around the mid-50s.
Thursday: Sunny, breezy and mild, highs around the mid-60s.
Friday: Increasing clouds, highs around the mid-50s.
Saturday: Mostly sunny and cool, highs from the mid-50s to the low-60s.
Sunday: Increasing clouds, highs from the upper-50s to the low-60s.
Monday (Halloween): Clouds and showers, highs around the mid-60s.