Bethpage School District: Horrible stench came from sanitation plant on Route 135

Residents in Old Bethpage reported an unbearable methane-like odor in the air Tuesday.
The Bethpage School District posted an update to the community saying, "The smell is coming from a sanitation plant on Route 135.”
Some residents on Oxford Road say it smelled like a wall of gas when they opened their doors. It was so bad that some of the residents say it woke them up out of a sound sleep.
“I opened the doors to let the dogs out and the smell almost knocked me over,” says Old Bethpage resident Elena Cottone. “It was so overwhelming.”
Some neighbors tell News 12 the smell did dissipate as the day went on, but they spent hours calling different officials to find out where it was coming from.
Many called the National Grid worried there could have been a dangerous gas leak somewhere.
There were 150 calls Tuesday from Bethpage all the way to Elmont.
News 12 reached out to the district to find out which sanitation plant the smell came from and is still waiting to hear back.