Reward offered for information on person who illegally trapped red fox

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered by the Humane Society of the United States for information about a person who illegally trapped a fox in Montclair. 
The trap is a coil spring trap, commonly known as a steel-jawed leghold. The traps have been banned in New Jersey for decades. 
Montclair Animal Control captured the fox and transported it to a veterinary hospital. Officials say the fox needed to be euthanized because of the condition it was in. It had a broken leg and attempted to gnaw off its foot to free itself. 
Authorities warn that setting traps like these are extremely dangerous - especially in a town like Montclair, which has a lot of young children and pets around. 
Montclair Animal Control Supervisor Michele Shiber explains, "We are taking this very seriously. Incredibly seriously. This is not something that's acceptable in Montclair. There's no hunting in Montclair. These traps are legal in other states but not Montclair, especially for the usage, they're basically meant for bobcats and coyotes." 
Police ask residents to call the police department or Montclair Animal Control if you have any information.