The Download: Gunnar blue light glasses

Zoom meetings giving you a headache? Online learning stressing you out? Maybe it’s digital eye strain that's causing the problem.
News 12's Andrew Ehinger shows us what some top e-sports athletes use while they're on the computer to keep their focus sharp.
Before the pandemic it wasn't unusual for kids to have a lot of screen time. But now with remote learning, kids are spending even more time in front of screens. And for some that's causing digital eye strain and a lack of concentration.
Though its hard to see, blue light is what comes off of our digital devices and can give children and adults eye strain. Officials at Gunnar say their glasses reduce blue light plus eliminate glare. The glasses, which come in multiple styles and sizes, can even keep eyes moist and have a slight magnification.
The glasses range from $30 to $290, and can be made with a prescription.