Williamsburg restaurant reopens with new menu and new success

A Latin-American bar and restaurant in Brooklyn says it doing better than ever after changing up its cuisine upon reopening.
Elite Brooklyn in Williamsburg opened up shortly before the pandemic hit New York City.
The owners thought they were never going to be able to open up again, but were then able to open for takeout and delivery. Now, they have also opened up their rooftop too.
The restaurant started as Peruvian cuisine, but the pandemic made them adjust their menu into a Latin-American space.
The restaurant now offers empanadas, tacos, wings, lobster mac and cheese and more.
They also make their own custom watermelon drinks, which they say sell out every day.
Graffiti on the walls is part of the restaurant's environment and music is also sometimes played.
Owners tell News 12 they will turn a lot near the restaurant into a beer garden, and have expansion plans for the other side of the building.