Brooklyn filmmakers document history of oldest bar in the borough

A group of Brooklyn residents is recounting a Windsor Terrace bar's rich history in a new documentary.
The filmmakers behind "Why Farrell's?" say they knew the oldest bar in the borough had to have an interesting back story and wanted to share it with the world.
For almost two years now, Jay Cusato and Rob Martin have been doing research and gathering interviews about Farrell's Bar and Grill -- as well as one of its owners, Eddie Farrell.
It opened its doors in 1933, right after the Prohibition. The local spot was known for the coldest beer on tap, but also the generosity of Farrell, who was known to help customers when they needed it.
The filmmakers are from Park Slope and Windsor Terrace and grew up going to the bar. As they witnessed Brooklyn neighborhoods changing at a rapid pace, they felt it was a good time to showcase an establishment that has managed to remain barely untouched for 80 years.
The film is a work-in-progress with the crew still fundraising to complete it. They hope to have it complete by this summer.