Brooklyn post office to be named after Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini

Congress passed a bill introduced by Rep. Max Rose to rename a Dyker Heights post office in honor of Mother Xavier Cabrini.
Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini moved to New York to help Italian immigrants who were struggling with poverty in the 19th century. She also helped orphanages throughout the city, established a hospital, and pushed for education for new Americans.
She was canonized as a saint in 1946 as the patron saint of immigrants. Many in the Italian community say she deserves to be honored as an exemplary New Yorker, who helped shape the city.
However, many in the community who visit the post office say it is strange to name an institution that many dislike after someone they consider to be one of the most important New Yorkers for Catholics.
Many tell News 12 there are other ways to honor Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini. They say a statue or even naming an elementary school ensures her name is remembered for generations.