President Trump lays out 3 phase plan to get country back to normalcy

President Donald Trump said Thursday he believes some states can reopen as soon as May 1, but that will not be the case for New York.
White House officials laid out three phases that are necessary for the country to return to some normalcy.
However, the decision to reopen each state will be in the hand of the governors.
"If they need to remain closed we will allow them to do that. And if they believe it is time to reopen we will provide them the freedom and guidance to accomplish that task and very, very quickly,” says President Trump.
In New York, the state will continue to be on pause until at least May 15. City and state officials continue to say the state is still struggling to get enough testing.
Before a state can consider to reopen, there is a breakdown of three phases. Before the phases begin, there must be a sustained decrease in cases over a two-week period, and testing programs must be in place for at risk health care workers.
Phase one includes Americans returning to work in phases. 

The second phase will begin when another 14 consecutive days of decrease in cases occurs. States will be allowed to reopen school doors and gatherings of 50 or more people can be resumed.
For states that show no evidence of the virus rebounding, phase three will begin meaning all worksites will be allowed to return to normal workflow. 
When New York City reaches phase one, it will be able to open businesses like restaurants and gyms, but keeping social distance practices.