Residents call on the city to make changes in Gerritsen Beach reconstruction project

A current reconstruction project aimed at mitigating flooding in the Gerritsen Beach area is not sitting well with some residents.
The project, set to begin this month, will include resurfacing roads, new storm sewers and upgrades to sidewalks.
Residents say the current plan could potentially affect the number of parking spaces in the area, although flooding has become an issue due to deteriorating roadways.
"When it rains you could have a lake..." said resident John Mahon, "The whole length of the block."
Mahon says he was told that the project could eliminate parking spaces when meeting with the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association. He says he feels as though taxpayers should have more of a say in how the city moves forward with the project.
He tells News 12 he hopes for a solution that will have less of an impact on residents. "The taxpayers should be handed a copy of the plans explaining what the plans are and why they want to do this, and then let the homeowners, the property owners, let us make a decision. Let us vote on it," said Mahon.
The Department of Transportation said in part, "The project will deliver a much-improved infrastructure in the neighborhood without compromising fire safety, as it will allow unimpeded access of emergency vehicles."
The project is set to be finished by December of 2022.