100 students explore the world of science on National STEAM Day

Friday is National STEAM Day and 100 students got a chance to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, arts and math with an immersive video game experience in Dumbo.
Students got a hands-on approach to STEAM education at Beat the Bomb in Dumbo. The staff said, "What we wanted to do is showcase that technology can be really fun and can be applied in a way that creates an experience that's really memorable, and it's not just boring."
Beat the Bomb is a 60-minute, interactive team game where players work to defuse a paint bomb. The kids go through a five-room course and then talk about the STEAM elements in the game afterward.
This is the first year that Beat the Bomb is hosting the STEAM Day workshop, but staffers say they're hoping to turn the event into an ongoing program.