2 Brooklyn health clinics in jeopardy of closing depending on state budget

Two health clinics in Brooklyn could be in jeopardy of closing depending on what lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo negotiate in the state budget.
The clinics in question are the Public Health Solutions Centers in downtown Brooklyn and Brownsville.
Revenue from the state keeps the clinics open.
Longtime patients say it would be devastating to see the clinics close.
"It's important because the teenagers and other women like myself that can't afford those doctors," said Ricquel Sheridan. "So if we can't afford those doctors, how are we going to be seen? So it's detrimental to our health."
Sheridan says she does not know where she will go if the centers close.
The centers provide services like sexual and reproductive health work and child health services to mainly women of color living on low incomes.
The two clinics are set to lose nearly $1.8 million in state funding based on Cuomo's latest fiscal year 2022 budget.
The deadline for the state budget was Thursday, but lawmakers and Cuomo are still negotiating.