2 NYPD officers help Brooklyn mother deliver baby in her home

A Brooklyn mother says she is thankful for two NYPD officers who helped her unexpectedly deliver her baby in her home.
Officers Christopher Mattar and Marvin Cox say what started as a normal day of work on Friday turned into them delivering their very first baby.
Felicia McKoy says she was helping her kids get ready for school in the morning when she went into labor.
With the help of an FDNY dispatcher coaching the officers through the delivery, McKoy gave birth to her 7 pound, 12 ounce baby named Kanon.
McKoy says her baby is happy, healthy and sleeping through the night.
"EMS came a little bit after and they took me to the hospital," she says. "They checked the baby out, we were both fine and healthy, thank God."
McKoy and her baby are expected to head home from the hospital on Sunday.
The officers say after this experience, they're prepared to deliver another baby if they ever need to in the future.