2023 on pace to be deadliest year for cyclists in NYC

According to the Department of Transportation, 11 cyclists have been killed so far this year in New York City - making 2023 a prime candidate to be the deadliest year to date for city cyclists.  
In the same four-month period in 2022, there were only two deaths. In 2021 and 2020, there were only two total deaths each, and there were six cyclist fatalities in 2019, according to VisionZero, which says there are currently 455 cyclists who have been reported injured so far in 2023.  
For cyclist Cedric Blair, he’s begun riding his bike on the sidewalk out of fear for his safety. He says he was struck by a car along Ralph Avenue in December 2022 while biking.  
Most recently, a 16-year-old cyclist was fatally struck in Astoria this past Monday. The week prior, a cyclist in Morris Park was struck and killed by a driver who did not remain at the scene.  
"We need more protected bike lanes, we need more safe places to put your bike, and we need lots of different campaigns to make New Yorkers aware there are bikers on the street,” said Alexa Sledge of Transportation Alternatives.  
The DOT says they are planning 31 bike route projects across the city, with over half of those in the Bronx and Brooklyn.