3 MTA conductors spit on in 3 separate incidents in Bronx and Brooklyn

The TWU Local 100 president is calling the behavior “vile.”

News 12 Staff

Jul 24, 2019, 10:14 AM

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The transit workers Union Local 100 is demanding the MTA and the city take action after they say three subway conductors were spit on.
The TWU Local 100 president is calling the behavior “vile.”
One conductor who was spit on says she was trying to help someone in a wheelchair when a man spat in her face.
They say this has happened at least three times on Monday. The first incident was at the East 149th Street station in the Bronx, the second was at the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn and the third was at the Brooklyn Bridge station.
In the Bronx, union reps tell News 12 that a 6 train conductor was spit on around 11 a.m. At Borough Hall, a 3 line conductor says she was helping a wheelchair user when a man standing on the platform walked up to her window as if to ask a question.
When she says she told him to give her a second, because she was trying to talk to the person in a wheelchair and help them figure out where to get on the train, he spit on her.
At the Brooklyn Bridge station, a 6 train conductor says he was watching the platform change for riders for clear as the training not ready to put a man standing under a stairwell spit on him for seemingly no reason.
In a statement, TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano says, “This is disgusting, vile behavior and we are sick and tired of it. The MTA and the city have to do everything in their power to stop it. We want to see people arrested and charged. Put more cameras in the system. Put more cops on the platforms.”

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