3 NYPD officers honored for saving children from U-Haul rampage

A special commemoration was held at Bay Ridge Preperatory School on Tuesday for three NYPD officers who quickly responded and removed students from the street during last month’s U-Haul rampage.  
Students at the school were playing outside of the building on Bay Ridge Blvd during the incident when the three officers rushed into action and ushered the kids out of harm’s way.  
“Having cops that really know their neighborhood is what allowed this miracle to happen,” said Councilmember Justin Brannan.  
State Sen. Andrew Gounardes presented awards to the three officers – Officer Francis Ingebrethsen, Lieutenant John Vitale and Officer Hector Santini, whose deputy inspector was present to receive the award on his behalf.  
“What incredible quick-thinking and smart thinking, to know there’s a problem somewhere in this neighborhood,” said Sen. Gounardes.  
While the U-Haul vehicle never ended up making its way along the road where the students were playing, school officials still thanked the officers for their proactive efforts to keep the kids safe. 
“It was very scary,” said Charles Fasano, head of Bay Ridge Prep. “Those students were sitting there and we don’t know where this vehicle was.” 
The NYPD currently has Weng Sor in custody for the rampage. The truck struck nine people, killing one.