7-year-old holds backpack-filled giveaway to help students get equipped with school supplies

A 7-year-old girl says she loves school and wants to make sure that other students are equipped with everything they need to succeed.
Morgan Grace held a backpack giveaway Sunday in East Flatbush to help the community.
She set up a table in front of the Bistro Restaurant and Lounge on Clarendon Road filled with backpacks ready to be handed off to new owners.
The backpacks are loaded with folders, notebooks, pencils, affirmation notes and other items that will be needed for the upcoming school year.
The event also featured fun and games for the community to participate in.
Councilman Farah Louis also partnered in the event to help make it all possible.
Morgan and her mother tell News 12 that there is no greater feeling than giving back to the community and putting a smile on other families' faces.