83-year-old NYCHA tenant claims he is being wrongfully evicted

A senior citizen is being forced from his home for not paying rent, but he says it was not his fault.
Clifton Rogers, 83, says he has lived at NYCHA's Linden Houses in East New York for more than five decades but is now being forced out.
NYCHA claims that Rogers hasn't paid rent for several years. He removed himself from the lease in 1997, leaving only his now-late wife on it, and in that time has been given several extensions to vacate and relocate.
Rogers, however, says he never filled out any paperwork to be removed from the lease. He also claims the Jewish Association Serving the Aging at some point became his guardian -- meaning they've been receiving his Social Security checks and are responsible for paying that money.
Rogers was locked out of his apartment Monday, saying the whole situation has been confusing. Community advocate Nikki Lucas has been helping him figure things out. They believe several forms were forged and are demanding accountability from JASA.
Rogers is staying with family for the time being.
Lucas served papers to JASA and NYCHA Monday, saying she is taking this all before the Supreme Court.
JASA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.