'A healing process:' Industry City art tour displays works about 2020 hardships

A socially distant art tour in Industry City in Sunset Park displays artwork focusing on the difficult events many Americans faced this year.
The Collision Project has lined walls with artwork from 16 different artists. The works exhibited were a way for the artists to decompress from everything that has happened throughout 2020.
Cristal Rivera, the chief of staff for Industry City Community Engagement, says the works cover topics such as, "the pandemic, the social unrest, the racial inequities that have come to light over the last couple of months."
The tour of the exhibition is self-guided, and participants are given a map to get around. There are also QR codes posted that can be used to learn about each artist and their work.
"All of our work talks about how they feel in 2020, and when someone comes here to look at this artwork, in a way, it's a healing process for them," says art curator Hao Chen.