AAA offers advice to travelers on Labor Day weekend traffic

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, and while many New Yorkers are staying close to home, AAA Northeast has tips on what to expect if you plan on hitting the road.  
AAA Northeast says 85% of their members will be filling up their tanks and traveling this weekend, with quite a few starting their travels as early as Thursday. One expert says that the secret to beating the Labor Day rush may be to wait.  
"Traffic is anticipated to be very, very light on Saturday morning so if you can make that happen do so, it would go a long way to relieving the stress of being stuck in traffic,” said Robert Sinclair, senior manager of public affairs for AAA Northeast.  
Sinclair says that those who do choose to drive should proceed with caution, as AAA is expecting 300,000 of their members to break down.  
“Flat tires and dead batteries and people locking themselves out of their vehicles would be the top three items we get calls for,” said Sinclair.  
AAA Northeast says you should also get your cooling system and transmission inspected before hitting the road. Sinclair says an early Monday morning return may be the best way to beat traffic.