Additional RSV vaccines for babies will soon be available amid growing demand

Health officials say more RSV vaccines for babies will soon be at doctors' offices, hospitals and pharmacies to meet demands.
As infants continue to be hospitalized, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has worked with Food and Drug Administration to expedite 77,000 additional doses of Beyfortus.
The injectable antibody reduces the risk of hospitalizations by 80%.
For now, the CDC recommends the vaccines be administered to infants under eight months old and to babies deemed high risk who are under two years old.
Doctors recommend physicians prioritize vaccines for infants who are most likely to develop severe complications from the disease, including those born prematurely and or with underlying lung or heart issues.
Medical experts say all three viruses currently circulating, Flu RSV and COVID-19, put babies at risk of being hospitalized or dying.
Adults who are 65 and older and people with chronic medical conditions such as heart or lung disease are also at risk for severe RSV.