Advocates demand Mayor Adams create more permanent solutions for asylum seekers

Advocates outside City Hall Thursday demanded that the mayor's office provide more permanent solutions amid New York City’s sudden influx of asylum seekers.
This comes after the latest effort to house those seeking asylum at a relief center that will be located on Randall's Island.
The tents located there were formerly at Orchard Beach, the original location for the city’s migrant relief center.
The city changed its plan after a rainy weekend caused flooding at Orchard Beach. 
Other New Yorkers think the problem goes beyond what happens at the relief centers during the rain.
"Tents and temporary housing doesn't work," said Juan Carlos-Ruiz, pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Brooklyn. "[It] doesn't lend stability to people who are seeking refuge in our city."
Assembly Member Amanda Septimo is demanding that there be more stable and safe alternatives to house those seeking asylum.
"Open up hotels, take inventory of empty apartments," said Septimo. "Figure out how to get people out of the street, out of tent cities and into homes."
The center at Randall’s Island is currently set to house around 500 migrants.  The mayor's office also recently announced they will also use a hotel in midtown Manhattan as a second relief center.
The mayor has previously expressed that the relief centers are a short-term solution to an emergency created by states like Texas and Florida, whose governors have been busing asylum seekers to other states in opposition to the president's immigration policies.
Advocacy groups like Housing Justice for All and the New York Coalition for Immigration claim the real issue is with the city's housing crisis and overcrowded shelter system. They say that if the city were to provide housing vouchers or enforce rent freezes for those in need, then city shelters could be freed up to house asylum seekers.