Alivia blends art therapy and fashion with help from NYC artists

A Brooklyn artist is part of a clothing line that blends art therapy into fashion.
Yu Chen says it makes him feel “good and happy” to see his artwork come to life for the fashion brand Alivia. He is one of three featured contributors from the New York City area. 
Co-founder Jovana Mullins has worked in the fashion industry for the past 10 years. As she started volunteering at the Center for All Abilities, where they work with youth and young adults who have developmental disabilities using art therapy, she had a realization.
She remembers thinking that the artwork being “powerful” and “meaningful” and immediately envisioned their designs on items of clothing.
That’s how Alivia was born.
"Alivia stands for awareness, love, inclusion, voice, individuality and acceptance," Mullins told News 12.
Each new collection will be part of a collaboration with a new nonprofit art therapy program.
Their collection and stories from artists can be found on their website.