American Red Cross encourages blood donations during National American Red Cross Month

The American Red Cross is encouraging blood donations during National American Red Cross Month.
Stephanie Dunn Ashley, the CEO of the American Red Cross Metro New York North chapter, says Connecticut is currently low on blood supply.
"The winter could be cold and illness, holidays, traveling for those holidays," Dunn Ashley explained.
But with National American Red Cross Month underway, Dunn Ashley is hoping that will change.
"The more we can get donors in to give whole blood, platelets and plasma, the better off we will be and the nation will be with its blood supply," Dunn Ashley said.
National American Red Cross Month began 80 years ago.
Dunn Ashley says the goal is to get people to do one thing for someone else, whether that's donating blood or learning to perform lifesaving measures such as CPR in case of an emergency.
With volunteers making up 90% of the American Red Cross' workforce, Dunn Ashley says the organization could always use more.
"There's always a way that you can find a specific niche for what it is you like to volunteer for," Dunn Ashley said. "Whether it has to do with responding to a disaster or being a blood service volunteer or being someone that works with our military and volunteers in that regard."
The town of Greenwich marked the start of National American Red Cross Month with a flag-raising ceremony Friday.
To find a blood drive in your area, click here.