Animal activists sound the alarm on case against man caught on camera striking dog in elevator

Animal activists returned outside of the Bronx County Hall of Justice on Tuesday to sound the alarm on an ongoing case of a man who was caught on camera abusing a dog inside an elevator.  
The incident first came to light back on March 23, when surveillance video inside of an apartment building showed Trinton Hatton dragging his boyfriend’s dog across the hallway before kicking him several times and throwing him into the elevator.  
Hatton was arrested on April 7. Three days after, those dogs were taken to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who are now presenting that video evidence in court.  
Activists say these dogs have suffered enough trauma, but their owner Nashon Brown wants them back in his custody.  
Animal rights advocates say they will continue to show up to the Bronx County Hall of Justice to voice their concerns about the dogs returning to their owner until justice is served.