Annual Barnacle Parade celebrates Red Hook's resilience in aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

The Red Hook community came together Sunday for the annual Barnacle Parade, an event that celebrates the resilience of the neighborhood in the face of adversity.
The rain didn't stop the parade as many said it's a remarkable testament to the community's strength and unity.
"Hurricane Sandy really screwed up Red hook," said resident Hart Hopson. He said back in 2012, Superstorm Sandy was like nothing he's ever seen before. It sent shockwaves across the boroughs as dozens lost their homes, cars, businesses and things they deemed valuable.
Despite the tragedy and destruction caused by the storm, the parade has become a joyful and vibrant tradition where the community comes together to celebrate their resilience and spirit.
"This parade is a testament for the past 11 years, our resiliency as a community and its unlike anything else," said resident Kiki Valentine.
The parade is not just about the past but looking forward to a brighter future. Many said it's a chance to let their imagination run wild as this year's theme was all about disco cats.
"People generally want to turn the corner and try to move on forward, and this is a way to kind of celebrate that," said parade participant Steve Reinert.
This tradition was created by the Red Hook residents, and they said it's a reminder of the strong spirit of the community.