Assistant Speaker Ortiz hopes to stem violence in 51st District

Assistant Speaker Felix Ortiz is condemning violence in two separate situations that involved people from his district.
Two deadly shootings took place Friday with ties to the 51st Assembly District. The first came in East New York. Police say Sunset Park native Sabrina Moreno, 21, was shot in the neck and killed.
Investigators say the assailant may have been an ex-boyfriend.
Less than two hours later, a dispute in Red Hook turned deadly. Sources say 30-year-old Christopher Moore was shot in the back and killed. 
Police arrested 17-year-old Devin Corbin in the case, charging him with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.
Sources say that situation may have also been a domestic dispute. They say Moore was allegedly assaulting the teen's mother.
The situations have caught the eye of Ortiz, who is hoping to spur change with two pieces of legislation that are currently in the Assembly.
One proposal would make gun owners responsible for their weapons. The other would require smart guns that only work for their owners.
"We have so much technology in place that we need to begin to use this technology to really put a stop to gun violence," says Ortiz.