At least 4 injured in Williamsburg apartment fire, FDNY says

At least four people are recovering after a fire ripped through an apartment building in Williamsburg Monday morning.
Residents at 381 Berry St. woke up to a fire in an apartment on the fifth floor. Firefighters say the flames started around 4:30 a.m. and took about one hour for them to put out.
Neighbors who ran out of the building say there were two people living in the apartment where that fire started - a mother and a daughter. They believe the fire started on the mattress where the mother was sleeping and by the time her daughter tried to stomp out the flames, the fire had already spread.
That smoke and fire reached the sixth floor, escalating to a two-alarm fire.
Seven people were hurt, including three firefighters. Two victims suffered life-threatening injuries, according to the FDNY.