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Attack on teen in Fordham deli leaves bodega owners on high alert

Bodega owners in the Bronx are on high alert after a violent incident at a Fordham deli on Sunday.

News 12 Staff

Jun 15, 2021, 11:50 PM

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Bodega owners in the Bronx are on high alert after a violent incident at a Fordham deli on Sunday.
Police say on the afternoon of June 13, a 17-year-old male was attacked inside a bodega on Decatur Avenue.
Video surveillance shows two men walk up to the victim and assault him. One of the suspects allegedly grabbed a knife from behind the store’s counter and stabbed the victim once in the abdomen.
The teen survived and is expected to recover. None of the store’s workers were harmed, but they witnessed the ordeal.
News 12 is told an organization representing bodega owners is worried more attacks may leave community members hurt -- and innocent owners caught in the middle of violence.
A representative from the United Bodega of America tells News 12 their worry increases each time violence like Sunday’s incident happens.
“People run into bodegas every single day trying to find safe haven because they're being chased by somebody on the streets,” says the representative. “We can't do anything about it. We're not armed. All we can do is try to stop and intervene and while we're doing that we could get killed.”
Solutions the organization is proposing include allowing store owners to hold pistol permits for protection, along with the request to see more action from the city and police. They hope for better protection and responses to incidents like Sundays.

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