Baby Angels Walk in Marine Park raises awareness and support for infant loss

The fourth annual Baby Angels Walk was held in Marine Park Sunday, as a way to raise awareness for infant loss while helping parents grieve.
Friends and family members came together to walk for infant and pregnancy loss. Some of those who took part in the event lost babies during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Others walked to support their loved ones.
The walk was started four years ago by Yvonne Harris, who lost her son 8 months into her pregnancy. She said it felt like there weren't many resources for grieving parents, and she didn't know where to turn.
Harris set out on a mission to change that.
"The New York City area has a lot of walks for just about everything but when it comes to infant loss or pregnancy loss, there's none that go on," says Harris. "This was my idea to help raise awareness."
Attendees say that in addition to raising awareness, Harris has helped provide the community of support that she had been looking for herself.